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Letter From the Director

From the Director’s Desk,


It’s a great day in Morgan County Recreation!!! I know this spring has been very hectic around the William Wood Park for the past couple of months. We have been juggling Soccer games and Baseball/Fastpitch/Softball practices trying to make it all work. As many of you may know by now, the recent construction at the fields next to the Recreation Department Gym has been part of our problem. We have lost use of two possibly three fields this spring because of renovations at that specific park now owned by the Board of Education, and when that is completed it will be a great facility for Morgan County. At this point we have sixty (60) Baseball/Fastpitch/Softball teams we are scheduling to practice and play at William Wood Park. We have thirteen teams sharing two fields and the other forty seven teams sharing three fields, so to say the least it is a scheduling nightmare especially when you are playing soccer with thirty four teams, practicing baseball/fastpitch/Softball with sixty teams and scheduling games for all teams. The jam up comes because we play soccer in the outfields of our ball fields and you just can’t practice baseball with a soccer game in progress. Needless to say we have out grown our facilities. We do apologize for the inconvenience and appearance of disorganization at times but we have our hands full in scheduling recreation in Morgan County. We are doing long range planning for future facilities with the Board of Commissioners for Morgan County Recreation at this time and I wished we could snap our fingers and it happen, but as you know it takes time. Please continue to bear with us through these times as we grow, we have a great program with great community participation and we very much appreciate you.

Have a Great Spring Break!!!

Lance Alexander, Director



Movie and Picnic in the Park Tonight!! **New Venue**

Due to the weather coming this afternoon and into the evening we will be having our “Steak N’ Shake” Movie and Picnic in the Park at the Recreation Gym tonight. We will have some games for the kids to play from 7pm to 8pm and the movie will begin a little after 8pm. We will be offering FREE Popcorn and Coca-Cola products while they last!! Make sure you come to the Recreation Gym at 1253 College Dr. Madison tonight April 10, 2015. Steak N’ Shake will be presenting the Original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” 706-342-0588 for more info!



Look for an eye in the sky!!

The Morgan County Recreation Department is going to be working on a Promotional Video over the next few months. We will have Georgia Civil using a drone to capture some video during our games, programs, and special events. Don’t be alarmed if you see an odd craft flying around your activity, just give us a wave and a smile! We hope to get some fly-overs and if possible, some in-game action. Thank you!!



**NEW PROGRAM** Spring Break Camp April 20-24, 2015

We are excited to offer a Spring Break Camp for April 20-24, 2015!! Kids age Pre-k to seventh grade are invited to come and enjoy a week of fun, field trips, and activities. With the popularity of our Summer Day Camp, and the need for child care for kids during school breaks, this program is expected to hit the mark for our local families and friends! For more information please click HERE or call 706-342-0588



Movie and Picnic in the Park Friday April 10, 2015

Come out to William “Bill” Wood Park Friday April 10, 2015. We will be showing the original “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. We are planning on having some games/activities for the kids prior to the movie starting. We hope to start the movie at 8pm (or dark). For more information click HERE or call 706-342-0588.



Games Canceled Monday, March 23

All games scheduled for Monday, March 23 have been canceled. Games have be rescheduled for Wednesday, March 25 for the same time and field originally scheduled.



Self-Defense and Martial Arts Classes!

Patrick Alligood is coming to the Recreation Department with knowledge, skills and abilities to help you get out of  a tense physical confrontation. Classes will Start September 8! Check out our flyer HERE



GYMNASTICS PROGRAM **New times and days**

Starting August 4, 2014

NEW TIMES and DAYS!!! Rockdale gymnastics is moving some of their classes to Thursday nights. Tuesday nights will be for Middle School and High School tumbling only. Please download the updated flyer below.  Prorating will be done at the discretion of the Recreation Department only.

A Participants first month will have an additional $25 insurance fee attached.

Please click HERE for Flyer/info. Or give us a call 706-342-0588

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